A Subdivision is the formal process of splitting a single parcel of land into two or more pieces to create individual, saleable Certificates of Title.

Units, townhouses, multi-storey apartments, offices, shops, factories etc. are common development sites to be subdivided. While the greenfield land (broadacre) subdivisions are undertaken to create new housing estates etc.

The subdivision process is lengthy and generally requires input from a liasing with a range of professionals (architects, designers, town planners, surveyors, engineers) to see it through the various planning, development, construction and subdivision stages.

MAP LAND SURVEYORS PTY LTD are committed to provide detailed, informative advice, timeframes and pricing (breakdown of all relevant authority fees and costs etc.) for potential clients (at no charge) contemplating undertaking the subdivision process.

Our professional team is also committed to keep the client well informed throughout the subdivision process, to provide a smooth and efficient flow from the initial survey work and plan preparation, through to the Council planning process and final registration at Land Victoria.