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MAP LAND SURVEYORS PTY LTD is a Melbourne based land surveying and development consultancy dedicated to provide accurate and high quality professional land surveying services to a vast range of clients throughout metropolitan Melbourne and Victoria.  

It is our aim to continually provide personalised, professional service and advice to each and every one of our clients, in both a timely manner and at extremely competitive rates which sets our firm apart.

Our firm specialises in the following:

    -  Title (boundary) Re-establishment surveys
    -  Subdivisions (land, building, multi-storey,
        industrial, comercial, rural, boundary 
        re-alignment etc.)
    -  Development Consultation and Advice
    -  Application surveys for Adverse Possession
    -  Title Consolidation & Lease Area surveys
    -  Feature, Level (A.H.D.) & Contour surveys
    -  Site Analysis surveys for Planning Applications
    -  Building Set-outs
    -  Easement (creation, removal)
    -  Restrictions (creation, removal, variation) 

For further information regarding the services we provide please view the 
SERVICES section of our website.

Whether you are putting up a new fence, subdividing units, building a multi-storey appartment complex, a property developer or a once off (mums and dads) client, the professional team at
 MAP LAND SURVEYORS PTY LTD will provide you with the information, advice, guidance and professional service to successfully and smoothly complete your project. 

For an obligation free quote or any other enquiry please contact our office on (03) 9435 7832 or via email through our online ENQUIRY FORM.

   You require a Licensed Surveyor when you want to:

-  know where the boundaries of your property are 
-  build on or near your boundaries 
-  subdivide your property 
-  establish a building strata development
-  measure levels to the Australian Height Datum (A.H.D.) 
-  claim title to land under adverse possession 
-  create an easement over your property

Why use a Licensed Surveyor?

"A licensed surveyor, a surveyor who is authorised to perform cadastral surveys, is the only person legally entitled to undertake a survey to define and mark the boundaries of your property. Licensed Surveyors are registered by the Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria (SRBV). Any person, not being a Licensed Surveyor, who undertakes a boundary definition survey (a cadastral survey) is liable for prosecution, as such a survey is illegal, and would have no legal standing". SRBV, 2011



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